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De Luca Teresa

Location: Melissa, Calabria, Italy Designer: Arch. Gianni Sola An 800-square-metre showroom specialising in offering private individuals a renovation and setup service for interiors. The company has been specialised in ceramic tiles, bathroom furnishings and plumbing/heating solutions since [...]

Edilizia 2000

Location: Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy Designer: Pietro Secchi - A1,000-square-metre showroom on two floors. The design of showrooms for tiles, ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, doors and windows takes into account all the structural elements and specific [...]

Casa Facile

Location: Potenza, Basilicata, Italy Designer: Arch. Gianni Sola A2,000-square-metre showroom spread over two floors. The customer was assisted from the design phase through to implementation and was also guided in choosing [...]

Zech Fenster

Location: Götzis, Austria Designer: - Voralberg-based manufacturer Zech relied on ShowMotion for the production of custom-made display systems in the innovative premises of the Zech competence centre in Götzis, covering more than 1,000 square metres. The sliding systems are designed to display security doors and windows [...]

Caseo Maison

Location: Mâcon, France Designer: Arch. Marco Morelli The Caseo group has branch offices all over France. For the showroom in Mâcon, ShowMotion was entrusted with the preliminary design and executive planning, as well as the supply and assembly of custom-made furnishings and [...]


Location: Pesaro, Marche, Italy Designer: Arch. Gianni Sola Ashowroom for window frames, security doors, windows and interior doors by ShowMotion spread over three floors with a vast choice of various brands including Internorm, Garofoli, Eclisse, Scrigno, Griesser, Bauxt, [...]

Proposta Infissi

Location: Livorno, Toscana, Italia Designer: Arch. Gianni Sola Proposta infissi is a company specialising in the trade and installation of interior doors, front doors, security doors, windows and frames in general. The two founding partners commissioned ShowMotion to come up [...]

Franz Weber

Location: Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg, Germania Designer: Arch. Gianni Sola The company Franz Weber Fensterbau, now in the third generation, is run by Markus Weber, the owner, who entrusted ShowMotion with the [...]

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