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Each showroom is filled with emotion

We have implemented more than 350 projects in over 20 countries

ShowMotion’s mission: to design functional and stylish showrooms and produce quality furnishings and equipment while offering the best value for money.


Herzog Bau

Oliver Herzog, C.E.O. Herzog Bau GmbH, D-91054 Erlangen

If you are looking for an exclusive design for your showroom and want an excellent and transparent service, ShowMotion is the perfect partner for your new project.

Frank Neuber

Frank Neuber, CEO. Fliesen Team Bock GmbH, D-21698 Harsefeld

ShowMotion supplied me with six SLIDE 14 display stands for 122×244 cm sample panels and TILE SHOP accessories for loose tiles. The display systems work very […]

Cambielli Edilfriuli spa

Silvia Bezzegato, coordinator of PoS Italia. Cambielli Edilfriuli Spa, I-20129 Milan

Avery reliable and professional company. I have designed more than 10 showrooms for bathroom furnishing and wall and floor coverings for the leading group […]


ShowMotion was founded in 2013 as a result of the merger of two groups of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We engage in project-based business and supply company-specific merchandising.

Designers and architects with many years of experience in the niche sector of showroom fittings for interior finishes take care of every project down to the last detail. The commercial department is in charge of the project from start to finish, from its acquisition to its completion. Production is carried out by two different teams. The former specialises in metalworking, with a modern and comprehensive machine fleet. The carpentry work is carried out in collaboration with four trusted workshops.

Assembly work is taken care of by specialist fitters under the constant supervision of a ShowMotion site engineer.

Most of our design, technical and production know-how is based at our Italian headquarters in Castellarano, which is close to the major industrial district of Sassuolo-Modena. Today ShowMotion is a global leader in “Made in Italy” design and quality.

We offer our design, consultancy and sales support services in various languages, specifically Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Swiss German and Czech.



The company showroom features new display systems and classic best-sellers.
Our company showroom is:

  • 5 minutes away from Sassuolo
  • 25 minutes away from the Modena Nord motorway exit
  • 50 minutes away from Bologna airport


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