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Display systems for doors and windows



Display systems for doors and windows

For over 15 years, we have been supporting window and door retailers and manufacturers in exhibiting front doors, windows and interior doors. ShowMotion’s display units for entry doors and windows are the ideal solution for displaying entrance doors, windows and internal doors in a space-saving and stylish way.

Practical advantages

Quadrupled samples

Leaves can be opened

Exhibit both pull and inside handles

Austellungssysteme für Türen und Fenster

Sales advantages

  • The end customer is reassured by the wide choice of samples & by the light and open showroom design.
  • The end customer can open the windows and doors and experience them first hand. Easier selling thanks to the customer interaction
  • All end customers can quickly choose a configuration on display since sales are not catalogue-based, but based on tangible products.

Technical characteristics

Tested ball bearings
Easy, quick and DIY assembly
Modular and expandable: flexibility
Easy to transport e.g. to exhibitions
Custom colours and sizes
Free-standing (except for model X)
Easy levelling
Interchangeable frames with no need to disassemble the sample


Space-saving Display Systems for doors and windows

Space-saving display stands for doors, windows, front doors, security doors and interior doors are a simple and brilliant answer to the practical problem that ShowMotion professionals have often been faced with when designing specialised showrooms for window and door frames. The problem was always the same: having to display a large number of samples, which are bulky by nature, in an elegant but practical way, while making sure that the showroom is spacious and aesthetically pleasing. The available range of display solutions for doors and windows also allows existing showrooms to be complemented, either by enhancing an unused corner or by offering a display system that can be easily transported from the showroom to a local trade fair or temporary exhibition. Our range of window and door display systems is smart and unrivalled in the market.

X Cover

X Diagonal

X Muro

X Muro Diagonal

X Regó

Z Muro

Z Regò


Image 10 Linear

Image 10 Circle

Image 6 Linear

Image 6 Corner

Image 4

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1

Pivot 4

Pivot 6

Pivot 3

FLEXO Modular System

FLEXO is the modular system for shop-in-shop display areas, trade fairs and temporary exhibitions. It is also perfectly suited to customised showrooms.

FLEXIBILITY: FLEXO frames can be fitted with countless geometric shapes thanks to a wide range of joints.
SIMPLICITY: The system can be assembled quickly and easily without tools.
VERSATILITY: Once the sample product has been installed on the FLEXO frame, it can be moved, assembled and dismantled without having to touch the collection of samples.
DURABILITY: Made of powder-coated steel.
EXTENDABLE: Combinations can be subsequently changed, reduced or expanded.
STABILITY: free-standing with no need for wall or floor fixing

The system is available in two versions:
FLEXO 100, frame thickness 100 mm
FLEXO 150, frame thickness 150 mm

  • ShowMotion Musterstaender FLEXO fuer Tueren und Fenster Zimmertueren
  • Messemodule FLEXO fuer Tueren und Fenster | ShowMotion
  • Ausstellungsmodule FLEXO fuer Tueren und Fenster von ShowMotion

FLEXO Stand-Alone

FLEXO Combi L 2 Products

FLEXO Combi Stella 3 Products

FLEXO Combi Stella 3 Products and Banner

FLEXO Combi Triangolo 3 Products

FLEXO Combi Y 3 Products

FLEXO Combi Croce 4 Products

FLEXO Combi Quattro 4 Products

FLEXO Combi Triangolo++ 5 Products

FLEXO Combi Stella 5 Products and Banner

FLEXO Combi Stella 6 Products

FLEXO Combi Castello 6 Products

FLEXO Combi a Castello 7 Products e Banner

FLEXO Combi Croce 8 Products

FLEXO Combi Zigzag 9 Products

Display Systems for single elements


Single Sliding

Free Door

Shutter Book

Free Glass


Floor Metal Sheet

Plexi Info Holder

Pivot Pole for trade fairs

Staffa Image

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