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From project to implementation with ShowMotion

Starting from our own project or from an external source (e.g. a project designed by the customer), we plan all the steps leading up to the successful implementation of the project. We are able to produce all kinds of furniture in our production facilities in Italy. Just-in-time delivery worldwide. The assembly phase is arranged for customers according to their needs, ensuring that setup times are optimised as much as possible.

Installation is carried out by our own workers or, on request, by a team of fitters chosen by the customer. Another option is to have ShowMotion and external teams work together under the direction of ShowMotion. ShowMotion also offers supervision services, whereby we only provide coordination of external workers

The sale can continue

In the case of the renovation of existing and operating showrooms, the assembly phase can be organised in several stages so as to ensure that the customer can continue to do business.


Custom-made furniture, from start to finish

ShowMotion offers a number of advantages when it comes to setting up showrooms and points of sale. First of all, high quality materials are used with extremely precise finishing. Another advantage is the integral approach to furniture production, with a common thread. All furnishings come from the same creative mind.

Coordinated supply of all furnishings to ensure a ensure a consistent style and identity.

Equally important is the logistical advantage of having a single supplier, which frees the customer from the burdensome task of dealing with the many details involved.

Thanks to our production network, we are able to provide all kinds of processing for wood, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, Plexiglas and synthetic materials, static or backlight prints, complementary furnishings such as seating, design decors, etc.

Project management

Planning, control, success

Planning the various steps involved in the assembly of furnishings is of crucial importance for respecting deadlines and budgets. Normally, several external workers are involved in setting up a showroom, such as bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, etc. It is therefore essential to coordinate all these professionals in order to ensure the success of the project and guarantee perfect technical implementation on time and within budget.

The know-how acquired over the course of decades is an added value for our customers, who can rely on ShowMotion during the entire construction process.


Every object in its place, ensuring durability

We ensure quick, professional and prompt solutions to unforeseen problems. We install furnishings and furniture and assemble display systems for flooring, ceramic tiles and tiles. Assembly of display systems for doors and windows and assembly of office furnishings.

Laying collections of samples

A valuable optional service

Contractors do not always want to do the sample laying themselves, nor do they want to rely on craftsmen who are also customers. Another reason may be speed of execution.

In this case, we place our network of trusted specialist workers at the customer’s disposal. We take care of the installation of samples and collections of samples: Laying of tiles and ceramic tiles, laying of parquet and wooden flooring, installation of interior doors and frames.

Marketing consultancy

Bringing our expertise to our customers

Sales outlets need to renew themselves continuously, adapting to new products and market demands. We offer our customers targeted marketing advice on various topics.

Renovation of exhibition areas.

Boxes, Shop Windows and, in general, Showrooms thrive on the products on display, colours and combinations. Our consultants assist retailers in making sure that their products are strategically positioned. We also offer services such as setting up emotional areas, choosing showroom objects and decorations, and olfactory marketing.

Development and introduction of new products

Cross-selling is a real opportunity for all retailers of interior finishes specialising in just a few types of product. Offering end customers products such as wellness areas, fireplaces, stairs, kitchens and outdoor furnishings is a strategy employed by numerous sales outlets. Our external consultants provide the know-how required.

Sales force training

Training salespeople, keeping pace with trends, evaluating HR potential, proposals for improvement for showroom salespeople.

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