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Wood Library

Library for displaying samples of parquet, pre-finished parquet, wooden and vinyl flooring, hand samples, wood panels and sample panels.

The samples slide smoothly on our special plastic material, a polymer specifically developed to allow ceramic tiles to slide easily.

In addition to great comfort for everyday use, this display solution offers great potential in terms of design.. Due to the large number of versions available, individual technical consultancy is required.

RAL and Finishes

Shiny smooth RAL 9001

RAL 9003

RAL 9006

RAL 9007

RAL 9010

Matt smooth RAL 9005

RAL 9016

Matt embossed (a.k.a. wrinkled) RAL 7011

RAL 7015

RAL 7016

RAL 7035

RAL 7036

RAL 9006


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