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Marazzi Malino

Malino, Russia

23bassi –

EEstablished in 1988, today Kerama Marazzi is part of the Marazzi Group (Mohawk Industries Inc.) and is the leading ceramic manufacturer in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. ShowMotion engineered and implemented the company showroom at Kerama Marazzi’s production plant and headquarters in Malino. The PONTE display systems, more than 6 metres high, are the most striking feature of the showroom. The PONTE custom-made display systems are designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for double-sided display systems for large ceramic slabs up to 120×240 cm. In the showroom, in addition to creating a “wow” effect as required by the customer, practical aspects were also taken care of with other ShowMotion systems such as TILES LIBRARY for loose tiles, which allow designers and professionals to offer advice on which materials to choose for major construction projects throughout Russia and abroad.

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